Sterling Silver Sunflower Necklace
Sterling Silver Sunflower Necklace


Sterling Silver Sunflower Necklace


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Sunflowers symbolize warmth, positivity, power, strength, and happiness since it bears such a strong resemblance to the Sun itself.
Engraved with "You Are My Sunshine" in the heart.
Great Gift for your special loved ones.
This necklace is handmade from 925 Pure Sterling Silver which is Nickel-free, Lead-free, and Cadmium-free.

Comes with 1 925 Pure Silver Pendant , 1 925 Pure Silver 18" inch Chain , 1 Gift Box, ready for gift giving.

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When buying fine jewelry like sterling silver, it is important to learn a little bit about its properties and its care so that you keep your new purchase shining and sparkling for years to come!

According to the US Federal Trade Commission, “The words ‘silver’ and ‘sterling silver’ describe a product that contains 92.5% pure silver. Silver products sometimes may be marked 925, which means that 925 parts per thousand are pure silver” ( However, because the other 7.5% of silver contains other metals, like copper or zinc, your piece – any sterling piece – will tarnish over time.

In order to prevent tarnish, we recommend storing your silver in an air-tight bag (for example, a Ziploc bag) – AND ALWAYS remove your piece as soon as you return home. Just as importantly, be certain to clean our jewelry ONLY with a solvent MEANT for sterling! For everyday care, however, we recommend using a silver polishing cloth – they are AMAZING – quick, easy, and cheap! These are easily found through retailers like Amazon, Walmart, or Ebay.

While we’re sure you’ve heard MANY “home remedies” for jewelry care (like toothpaste, baking soda, etc.), we recommend avoiding these methods and sticking with true silver care products. Silver is an investment! Protect it!

Silver is a timeless, classic, and universally valued material – we all love it for many reasons! First, it holds its value because it’s a precious metal. Additionally, its durable, hypoallergenic, and much less expensive than gold! BUT, it IS STILL FRAGILE, and is prone to scratches, scuffs, and dents. So, PLEASE WEAR YOUR PIECE WITH LOVE AND CARE!