ALPHA | Legacy Edition
ALPHA | Legacy Edition
ALPHA | Legacy Edition
ALPHA | Legacy Edition
ALPHA | Legacy Edition
ALPHA | Legacy Edition
ALPHA | Legacy Edition
ALPHA | Legacy Edition
ALPHA | Legacy Edition
ALPHA | Legacy Edition

ALPHA | Legacy Edition

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Perfumer's Notes

ALPHA | Legacy Edition | EDP

Inspired by the Noble Life of the Historic Roman Emperor, Marcus Aurelius; Alpha Celebrates Strength, Virtue, and Success.

Handmade in small batches; ALPHA quickly became our best-selling fragrance.

A robust scent fit for both formal and casual occasions, ALPHA boasts a balanced combination of fresh Mediterranean citrus fruit, aquatic jasmine and masculine woody chords. An elegant, sophisticated and distinctive fragrance - guaranteed to last all day. ALPHA is destined to captivate a room. Prepare yourself for compliments.


Oh and did we mention; ALPHA is infused with Extra-Strength Pheromones to enhance your attraction with women.


Designed in Italy. Proudly Handmade in New York, USA. Spritz onto pulse points.


Available in 10ml(sample), 50ml & 100ml.


*Made in Small Batches - Limited Supply*


FRAGRANCE Scent Notes :

Citrus from Sicily, Blackcurrant & Cold spices.

Aquatic Jasmine, Leaves of Patchouli, Hints of Lavender.

Woody Notes, Leather, Oakmoss & Sensual Vanilla.

Fragrance Composition

Legacy Edition Eau De ALPHA Composition: Alcohol Denat., Luxedore ALPHA Parfum / Fragrance with Pheromones


What are Pheromones?

Pheromones are natural scents that make men sexually attractive and appealing to women. Think of them as chemical messengers that stimulate arousal and desire when detected by smell. Men with higher levels of pheromones are more attractive to women, feel more confident, and receive more attention.

Our proprietary pheromone are created by a clinical psychologist and pheromone expert. Our science-backed scent targets specific traits that women find attractive to help set you apart from the pack.

Luxedore Benefits
Unmatched Customer Support

Our customer support is exceptional. Better than 99% of all other fashion brands.

Designed & Produced in the USA

Our entire business is located in the heart of Buffalo, New York and is home to a team of talented designers and craftsmen. By maintaining a close relationship with our supply-chain, we can be sure that they are working in safe working conditions and that they are deeply involved in the creative process.

Clothing Replacement Program

At Luxedore we take the best of natural materials and design them into spectacular pieces of modern design, to create clothing that is not only fashionable, but upholds the tradition of quality. We support this commitment with a 1 Year Guarantee against faulty workmanship on all of our clothing*.

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Our Ethos

We didn’t go to fashion school. We didn't intern at a fashion house. We'd never designed clothes. The odds were against us but because of our love for fashion and our strong vision, the will and passion to succeed was strong. The clothes couldn’t just be anything. They needed to be thoughtful and carry a spirit. They needed to give you that warm feeling inside like when holding a hot cup of tea, while capturing all of the energy of New York, our home.

Our designs seamlessly blend our philosophy with comfort, style, & precise detailing. It’s our mission at Luxedore to elevate the senses.

Luxedore's Sustainability Efforts

We make clothing exclusively with natural fibers and recycled materials that are authentic and renewable. The result is luxurious, durable garments that showcase the incredible resources that mother nature has to offer.

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We donate a portion of each sale to The Fashion Foundation, a non-profit organization helping underprivileged students succeed.


Designed, created and developed in our fashion house located in NEW YORK, USA.

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