Our Story

What moves us:

LUXEDORE isn't your everyday brand. We're fueled by a relentless curiosity, a hunger to see the world from every angle. We play with fashion – graphics, fabrics, the whole process – because that's how we push boundaries.

Think those "truths" you're fed are set in stone? Think again. We're here to make you question everything, to challenge the norm. We want a wiser world, a bolder you.

Our collections aren't just clothes, they're loaded with stories. They poke at society, whisper secrets, dare you to dig deeper. LUXEDORE isn't just what you wear, it's a statement of who you are. A walking, talking, thinking revolution.


Luxedore's journey began amidst the unpredictable charm of Buffalo, New York. Forget sleek studios – think a house overflowing with ideas, fueled by late-night coffee runs and the occasional impromptu dance party. Our shirts emerged victorious, and remarkably stain-free (most of the time). Instead of a runway, we had a kitchen table and unwavering spirit.


Forget flimsy eco-promises. At LUXEDORE, we're obsessed with bleeding-edge sustainable fabrics and designs that make a statement, not a landfill contribution. Bold self-expression? Absolutely. Trashing the planet? Absolutely not. We think that's a pretty damn good combo.


LUXEDORE is for the restless spirits, the ones whose wanderlust burns brighter than any neon sign. We believe life's a wild ride – grab your crew, crank up the music, and soak up every damn beautiful, bizarre, messy moment. Embrace the unfamiliar, the unexpected, the flavors and faces that make this world worth exploring, because whether you're exploring ancient ruins or a hole-in-the-wall taco joint, adventure tastes best when shared. Just remember, wherever the journey takes you, do it with the daring spirit and bold style that's pure LUXEDORE.

"In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different."

—Coco Chanel

Our values

LUXEDORE isn't built on buzzwords. We blaze our own trail, where daring designs walk hand-in-hand with mindful choices. Disrupting the norm is in our DNA – think sustainable practices woven into every design, every operation. This is where bold ideas meet a fierce commitment to doing things better. Imagine a future where style fuels change, where your closet makes a statement. A community fueled by the same relentless spirit? That's the power of LUXEDORE.