Our Story

What moves us:

Behind Luxedore lays the profound desire of understanding the world around us by constantly questioning perspective. We manifest this intention through fashion, as we experiment and innovate with different graphics, textiles and manufacturing techniques.

Society’s perception of “truth” is evolving, but do we ever take a moment to pause and question its evolution? We are here to incite you to challenge perspective, in an attempt to make the world wiser and your life something beyond ordinary.

Our collections convey specific narratives meant to provoke social critique, with some garments carrying different sub-narratives and hidden messages. Luxedore is not a just another brand. We are a medium of expression.


LUXEDORE began it's impactful journey in Buffalo, New York. A quiet and hidden house was to be our home, made anew by the inspiration that compelled us to create our brand. Friends gathered, festivities ensued, and our shirts manifested their nature brilliantly in their new home.


With environmental stewardship at our core, we knew that our shirts could cause no unnecessary harm to our environment. Selecting new-age sustainable fabrics became paramount to our design process. LUXEDORE celebrates a bold expression of self, and nourishes that celebration with deeply rooted principles of environmental stewardship.


LUXEDORE seeks to inspire the adventurous soul. We hope that as you ride your journey you find yourself rejoicing with your loved ones, and to the beauty of all cultures, old and new, foreign and familiar.

"In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different."

—Coco Chanel

Our values

Significant, innovative and progressive; at Luxedore, We believe that the future success of our business is dependent on bringing sustainable practices into all elements of our operations. Our mission is to be a leader in the industry of sustainable design through how we create our product, manage our operations and connect with our community.